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Topic: Adult > Erotic Stories and Fantasies
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Adult Erotic Sex Stories and pictures (19 Sites, 13821 recent hits)
Un-censored erotic stories and sex pictures to indulge your deepest sexual fantasies. Please NO dating sites (in spite of the 'sponsor', I did not approve the sponsor of "Adult Friend Finder" nor did I place it there).

The Adult Fan-Fiction Ring (31 Sites, 753 recent hits)
Ring homepage at www.marysia.com/adultfic A ring for fan-fiction stories containing particularily erotic or violent scenes. The fan-fiction can be about any book, film, comic or tv show, examples are Star Trek, X-Men, Labyrinth, Highlander, X-Files etc

Adult sex stories and pictures (93 Sites, 815 recent hits)
Adult sex stories and pictures. A collection of dating & swingers sites from the very mild to the extra wild!


The Amorous Authors Boudoir of Friends (5 Sites, 68 recent hits)
This ring is open to all writers of erotic, sensual, and sweet romance.

Angels_Of_Fantasy (6 Sites, 110 recent hits)
Erotica authors unite sites! Writers of all kinds welcome... fiction, poetry or short stories encouraged. No pay-for-porn or sites promoting rape or violence against women allowed.

Author's of Erotica (47 Sites, 5026 recent hits)
Websites by and for authors of erotica. No commercial sites, pay sites, clubs, XXX porn, nude photos, modeling, or mailing lists please. Individual sites only, and all sites must contain stories written by the author/webmaster.


Authors of erotic novels and short stories (9 Sites, 203 recent hits)
his ring is for authors and readers of erotic novels and short stories. Whatever you read or write, share your work and your fantasies with us.

BDSM and Spanking Stories (78 Sites, 5 recent hits)
BDSM and Spanking Stories. A collection of dating & swingers sites from the very mild to the extra wild!


date stories (11 Sites, 2 recent hits)
Date stories ring.

dating stories (11 Sites, 2 recent hits)
Dating stories ring.

Encountering Erotica (8 Sites, 99 recent hits)
This is a ring for anyone and everyone who loves any kind of erotica ... written stories, poetry, art, pictures ... all are welcome here!

Eros (4 Sites, 64 recent hits)
In this ring find authors (and fans/reviewers of authors) with attitude; you may find simple romance or outright erotica, but NOT PORNOGRAPHY.  You will find this spectrum of attitudinal (often quite sexy) writing within a wide range of genres and styles, including but not limited to contemporary, historical, paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, western, action/adventure, espionage, crime and even, perhaps, nonfiction.  This ring does not discriminate on the basis of affectional preference.  Pictured:  a detail from "The Kiss" (1893) by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.


Erotically Speaking (21 Sites, 543 recent hits)
Think adult. Think arousing. Think web sites brimming with literary sex. Think steamy erotica and sensual poetry. Think licentious tales filled with romance and darkness, dominance and submission, love and lust. Think blatant fact and brazen fiction. Think all of these things . . . but always, always speak erotically.

Erotic Class (4 Sites, 87 recent hits)
Erotic sites with class. Art, poetry, literature, BDSM, fetish, adult... absolutely no banners, pop-ups, commercial sites or adult verification systems. Your site must be well designed and approved by other ring members.

Erotic Fantasy Forum (5 Sites, 159 recent hits)
EFF is a webring dedicated to various erotic and fantasy-based stories. We'll also host a variety of erotic and fantasy links as well, so if you would like to link to us, just let us know! We will not host any links pertaining to child pornography, incest, animals, rape, or any other kind of illegal or immoral activities. Light bondage, erotica, group sex, desires, and the like are welcomed as well as fantasy, bisexual, and transexual links.

Erotica For Women (17 Sites, 292 recent hits)
A webring for women who enjoy sex & erotica. Member sites may be commercial or non-commercial. They might have fiction, articles or products; or they might just be the home pages of sexually liberated women (if so, they should contain articles likely to be of interest to women accessing this webring). Members should give a positive view of women's sexuality (no man-haters at one extreme, or girly-mag porn at the other extreme, please).

Erotic Girls (23 Sites, 145 recent hits)
A collection of dating swingers sites from the very mild to the extra wild!!

Erotica Psychotica Writers' (6 Sites, 297 recent hits)
For writers of EROTIC LITERATURE -- stories, poems, diaries, ezines--all things erotic, sensual, SEXUAL. Here, creative, artistic authors of erotica can express their sexuality through their writings. No professional porn sites.

Erotic Romance Writers (5 Sites, 39 recent hits)
Webring for active members of the Erotic Romance Writers' Forum and other authors of erotic romance.

Erotic Stories (303 Sites, 76 recent hits)
The Erotic Stories webring.


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