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Topic: Computers & Internet > Cyberculture
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Aardsvorkcus' theFanlistings.org Web Ring (10 Sites, 7 recent hits)
This ring is for any and all fanlistings that are approved by and listed with theFanlistings.org...see their website for more infomation on what a Fanlisting is: http://thefanlistings.org/ All topics welcomed, only Fanlistings approved by theFanlistings.org and listed in their directory will be approved. P.$. Who is Aardsvorkus? He's a Twighlight Manor character who's name always comes out on top of every list because it begines with a double aa, just my way of getting this ring to the top of the list :) .

ABSOLUTE NONSENSE... (9 Sites, 27 recent hits)
For websites that consist of absurdity, babble, foolishness, gibberish, senselessness or that are just plain silly... All good CLEAN fun.


ActiveWorlds (17 Sites, 477 recent hits)
The ActiveWorlds web ring is about ActiveWorlds VR (Virtual Reality) technology. Any person, community, world, galaxy, or universe that uses software from ActiveWorlds Corporation can join this ring.

And Now For Something Completely Different (16 Sites, 58 recent hits)
com·plete·ly - adverb thoroughly: used to emphasize the extent of something dif·fer·ent - adjective unlike something or somebody else: not the same as something or somebody else

Annoyed (9 Sites, 17 recent hits)
Are you annoyed? At anything? I know you are. Joining this webring will release the frustrations of everyday life. Well, maybe not, but you can tell your (very few) friends, "Hey! I'm a member of the Annoyed webring! I'm special, and YOU ARE NOT!"

Anti-Microsoft Webring (32 Sites, 270 recent hits)
The Anti Microsoft Webring is a list of sites and resources that want or list alternatives to Microsoft Windows.

Operating Systems such as Linux, Unix, Lindows, Be, and more. We now have over 45 sites listed and over 126,000 total page views! Be Seen! Get Clicks! Join Our Webring Today! Mess with the best... Die like the rest!

Check out our poll in our forums section "What Operating System do you use or prefer?"

Anything Everything (11 Sites, 34 recent hits)
Basically, this is a ring about everything: Cats, Anime, specifically Dragonball Z, Sci-fi, specifically Babylon 5, Star Trek, and Star Wars, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and Metaphysics, New Age religions, Ancient Civilizations, Fantasy, Fan Fiction, Fan Art, foreign music and culture, specifically Japanese, Astronomy, travel, exploration, Environmentalism, in short any of the thousands of things I love, are welcome!!


Awards On the WWW (19 Sites, 73 recent hits)
This ring is for anyone looking for awards, and people wanting other sites to apply for their award! If you have an award to offer on YOUR website, join! Only Family Safe Viewing Sites Will Be Excepted Into The Webring! And Congratulations To All Those Who Visit The Sites In The Webring And Win Their Awards =)

Award winners ring (8 Sites, 10 recent hits)

This ring is for Award winners, If your site has won an award, you can join

The Big Hairy Blogger! (7 Sites, 13 recent hits)
A gathering of different blogs that are of many different topics and subjects. If you have one or if you have a site that even talks about Blogs then Join in and get stuck to the ring.

Certifiable Web Heads (22 Sites, 41 recent hits)
I'm not just a web head, I'm a Certified Web Head! Become a Certified Web Head and see how other internet web page addicts spend their time. Answer the mini quiz to see if you can certify yourself as an official certified web head.

Child Safe Surfing WebRing (10 Sites, 29 recent hits)

CHILD SAFE WEBSITES. Not necessarily targeted at children, but safe for them to surf.

Classic Computer Magazines (4 Sites, 748 recent hits)
Devoted to sites focused on classic computer magazines from the 1980's and earlier (focused Atari, Commodore, and other computers of that era.)

Communities for Jesus Christ (5 Sites, 16 recent hits)

This is a ring of Christian
communication groups like
forums, chats, blogs, and
e-mail groups; a place of
Christian warmth and love.

Cyberculture WebRing (5 Sites, 13 recent hits)
Cyberculture WebRing is a ring of personal homepages. Sites in this ring cover many subjects, Come on in and have a surf, you may find what your looking for.

The Cyberculture Webring (226 Sites, 200 recent hits)
Websites about anything (no adult content allowed).

CyberPals (6 Sites, 14 recent hits)
We have webmasters from all over the world who have joined this ring just to share their websites/blogs/page (topics vary) with the web world, all are viewable by all ages.

Cyber-Space Tutorials Webring (6 Sites, 8 recent hits)
This is a webring for people offering free tutorials and help with anything related to digital technology and web site design.

Dopefish (10 Sites, 211 recent hits)
It's the Dopefish Ring. Contains any and all Dopefish related web pages for your ever growing Dopefish needs! Dopefish is a popular cameo character with Apogee/3D Realms and id Software.

Epinions Fan Club (18 Sites, 132 recent hits)
The Epinions Fan Club is a ring developed to display profiles of Epinions members. We are all big fans of Epinions and welcome you to join in on the fun!

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