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Topic: Breeds > American Pit Bull Terrier
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All APBT Kennels & Breeders (8 Sites, 46 recent hits)
This Webring is for Pit Bull lovers everywhere. We have Pit Bull breeders and Pit Bull owners. COme see out Pit Bulls!

American Pit Bull Terrier  (21 Sites, 412 recent hits)
Find in this ring all manner of sites, personal, academic and/or commercial, pertaining to the interesting breed of dog known as the American Pit Bill Terrier.  You may find sites maintained by breeders, showers, trainers, fans of the breed, people who keep them as family pets and/or merchants who have related goods available for sale.

American Pit Bull Terriers & AmStaff (10 Sites, 279 recent hits)
Listing of UKC American Pit Bull Terriers and AKC American Staffordshire Terriers. Promoting quality dogs, kennels, for APBT owners and fanciers alike.

APBT & AmStaff Webring (23 Sites, 489 recent hits)
WELCOME to the APBT & AmStaff Webring! This is a webring of sites dedicated to the American pit bull terrier and American Staffordshire terrier. To gain membership your personal or business site must contain APBT, AST, AKC, UKC or ADBA content. Sites promoting the mistreatment of the APBT, AST or any dog will not be allowed to join. Thank you for joining us and becoming All-Stars!

APBT Unite WebRing (6 Sites, 14 recent hits)
Websites owned by members of the APBT Unite mailing list. American Pit Bull Terrier owner's websites.

AST and APBT (13 Sites, 35 recent hits)
VISION: To bring together American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier sites around the world.

The DEADGAME Web Ring (7 Sites, 129 recent hits)
A ring for all owners and breeders of sporting Pit Bulls.

For the Love of Pit Bulls (5 Sites, 34 recent hits)
Sites with information, family pets, helping to change the Pit Bull image.

Game Dog Ring (5 Sites, 14 recent hits)
Our goal is to educate the public and promote a positive image for the Pit Bull. Breeding for gameness means breeding for intelligence, stamina, ability, agility, a stable disposition toward people and most of all, a dog that will not quit!

The love of a pit (7 Sites, 2 recent hits)
The goal of this ring is to get everyone to love the AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER, and to be good to them.

Off The Chain (4 Sites, 4 recent hits)
Dedicated to keeping lovable APBT's around forever.

Patriotic APBT Web Ring (6 Sites, 45 recent hits)
American Pitbull Terriers, Breeding and Show. All positive sites about the APBT

Pit Bull Pride (8 Sites, 17 recent hits)
Welcome to "Pitbull Pride" webring. I invite those of you out there with nothing but love and respect for this amazing breed to join my ring.

Pit Bulls (37 Sites, 1259 recent hits)
Dedicated to the Pitbull from breeders to owners to those who fancy this controversial dog.

Pit Farm Kennels Web Ring (6 Sites, 9 recent hits)
This ring is dedicated to the misunderstood breed of the American Pitbull Terrier and the Staffordshire Terrier. There are so may stereotypes against this breed. What they don't know is that IT'S NOT THE BREED BUT IT'S THE WAY YOU RAISE IT! Here's a picture of my son Jacob and two of our dogs. Do you think that I would let my son be around something so "ferocious?" Join this web ring and let's set them straight!

Punish the Deed Not the Breed (6 Sites, 90 recent hits)
Promoting the American Pit Bull Terrier as many times as possible so that the public will finally see the APBT for it's true essence. Loyalty, companionship, and greatness.

Save The AmStaffs & Pit Bulls! (8 Sites, 10 recent hits)
Dedicated To The Good-Hearted People That Help Save This AMAZING, intelligent, beautiful breed. Help Educate The Public and show the true nature of this great breed. However Terriers aren't for everyone and responsible ownership is a MUST!

American Pit Bull Terriers (2 Sites, 24 recent hits)
The community for American Pit Bull Terrier breeders, owners, and fanciers! Find everything you want to know about this breed, including facts and myths, obedience training tips and advice, discussion boards and lots more.

The True APBTs (2 Sites, 23 recent hits)
A ring for people who are dedicated to helping the public see the real side of the APBT and all it's Terrier fun.

TheEndangeredAmerican (1 Sites, 12 recent hits)
Quality American Pit Bull Terrier Websites, and hopefully made by the People that care about our wonderful breed. For those of you that are looking to purchase an American Pit Bull Terrier for your ego...PLEASE DON'T. Submitted page must always be an actual content page.

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