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The Foreskin Restoration Ring

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The Foreskin Restoration Ring
Offering education, resources, self help, testimonials, products, and services for those interested in learning about and or pursuing foreskin restoration.

Circumcision is not for everyone.
Check out this ring and find out why.

For example: DILE Insert - First introduced and offered for sale in 1998, the DILE Insert Foreskin Restoration System is an internal packing device which can be adjusted (incrementally) to expand longitudinally once it is inserted and enclosed within the developing foreskin. The DILE Insert can be used in conjunction with a modified t-tape or a silicon retainer (i.e., tapeless).
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Previewing: My Experience with Foreskin Restoration
Before I began restoring, I had nearly completely given up hope of ever being able to enjoy sex or masturbation. I share my experience and include some present-day pics plus many helpful restoration links.
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User Review(s) and Comment(s)
Rating: great by on 07/07/2008
Actually, the sensitivity of the head of penis with a foreskin protecting it, is just like the clito

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