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AVRAVR, a modified Harvard architecture 8-bit RISC single chip microcontroller, mcu related sites



For example: AVR Microcontroller - AVR Microcontroller information, AVR Denon, Atmel, Projects, Instructions and Programming.

see AVR sites at WebRing
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AVR Microcontroller
AVR Microcontroller information, AVR Denon, Atmel, Projects, Instructions and Programming.

Welcome to the World of Micro-controllers.
Welcome to the World of Micro-controllers.

Info page on AVR
Site francophone sur les micro-controleurs AVR en particulier

Projects about ATMEL AVR and other electronics 4 review(s)
Much about Electronic, MCU's and Hifi

Komunitas Mikrokontroler Indonesia
Penggila Dunia Mikrokontroler di Tanah Air

Jesper's AVR pages 17 review(s)
Various AVR projects, including "yampp" - a harddisk based MP3 player, programming tools, e.

Femto OS 7 review(s)
The Femto OS is a very concise portable preemptive operating system (RTOS) for embedded devices with minimal ram and flash, like the ATtiny861/461/261.

AVR Assembler Site 19 review(s)
Site for AVR Assembly Language Programmers.

JED made Atmel AVR powered single board computers 2 review(s)
A range of single board computers based on ATMEL AVR and ATmega CPUs is offered.

AVR pages at www.rowalt.de
Free examples, tools and information for the AVR microcontrollers, home of the WinAVR programmer software

Atmel AVR Superkits and Development Services
Tool Provider for Atmel AVR Superkit development systems including a CodeVisionAVR peripheral library.

LancOS projects 25 review(s)
PonyProg - serial device programmer. A programmer for the AVR, PIC and a lot of serial EEPROM. The software is for Windows95,98,NT and Linux. Other interesting projects with the AVR micro, including a CAN bus link for home automation.

WinAVR is an open source toolset for the AVR. 40 review(s)
WinAVR (pronounced "whenever") is a suite of executable, open source software development tools for the Atmel AVR series of RISC microprocessors hosted on the Windows platform.

Alberto Ricci Bitti's electronic designs 1 review(s)
Award-winning designs and articles with schematics and source code, using PIC, AVR, and Basic Stamp, **PLUS** Code snippets and mind-provoking ideas for the active electronics experimenter

AVR Embedded Microcontroller Resources 3 review(s)
My site contains links to many AVR resources including development tools, sample code, and project ideas.

CARACA: CAN Remote Automation and Control with the AVR 2 review(s)
CARACA is a home automation project based on a net of interconnected programmable circuits suited to perform different tasks like switch on/off appliances, decode commands from Ir remote control units, control thermostats, measure temperature and more.

ibrt AVR page
some pages on AVR ASM, tiny but growing

kreatives-chaos.com 4 review(s)
Auf meiner Seite gibt es Informationen rund um Robotik und Elektronik.

Tutorial for learning AVR asm in german and englis 36 review(s)
Learning AVR assembler language with practical examples in german and in english language, complete instruction set discussion, including small applications, etc.

Philippe AVR page 1 review(s)
AVR projects and related infos (including an AVR programer) of Philippe Jiwan, Bruxelles, Belgium

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electronics product.

belajar mikrokontroller avr
learn avr for serious newbie

warsoni munawir facebook
warsoni munawir is on facebook.

open hardware ro
we are a small team that is dedicated to developing open source software and hardware projects. we have many projects in progress at the moment and we decided to start publishing them. we are committed to contribute substantially to the open source movement. this site is not only a way to showcase our projects but a working platform through which we collaborate. some of

pecinta binatang

thermoelectric, genco systems llc home
genco systems llc provides complete design services for the led lighting and thermoelectric controls marketplace.

antonio celso page
um site com algumas coisas legais!

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RyMax, Inc. - Home
Developing robotic applications for hobby or educational purposes.

The site is about new kinds of ham radio.

HP InfoTech S.R.L. 2 review(s)
CodeVisionAVR high performance C compiler, integrated development environment, code wizard and in-system programmer for the Atmel AVR series of microcontrollers

Robots, Arduino, electronics and computers.

Infopage about tinyUSBboard. TinyUSBboard is an Arduino compatible, minimalistic AVR microprocessor board with USB interface.

Telemetry and Data Logging with GPS 1 review(s)
Telemetry and Data Logging with GPS Receiver.

AVR Micro Controller World
This website has designed to help the students engineers industry professionals and hobbyist.

Vcc2GND.com Toko Komponen Elektronika Indonesia
Kami menyediakan berbagai komponen elektronika (IC, dioda, transistor, dsb.

ecTech : Smart Embedded Systems
Develop Your Smart Embedded System with the detailed project description on ecTech.

Elektronic project, desing and circuits.

PengendaIi Instalasi Tenaga Listrik
Berisi materi dasar pengendali elektronika dan elektromekanik termasuk microcontroller, plc serta pengendali berbasis komputer / PC

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