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Bird Breeders Around the World

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Bird Breeders Around the WorldAre you considering a bird as your companion? May I recommend you start your search by visiting this webring of aviaries. The various aviaries sell many bird species.

For example: TielMix Breeders - Hobbiest Cockatiel Breeder located in Greenville, Michigan (near Grand Rapids)

see Bird Breeders Around the World sites at WebRing
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TielMix Breeders 1 review(s)
Hobbiest Cockatiel Breeder located in Greenville, Michigan (near Grand Rapids)

My first lineolated parakeet 1 review(s)
Lots of pretty pics.

Lovebird Breeders 1 review(s)
We breed Lovebirds of many color mutations.

American Singers Club Chapter 6 - Chicago 1 review(s)
Website of Chapter 6 of the national American Singers Club, Inc.

Welcome to Feathers 1 review(s)
Welcome to Feathers

Tielybudgies Hatchery 1 review(s)
We breed and sell hand fed budgies and Cockatiels!

Flip the Bird Aviary 1 review(s)
we sell hand-tame peachfaced, masked, and fischer's lovebirds, and quaker parrots

American Singer Canaries 1 review(s)
Website dedicated to connecting people interested in buying quality American Singer canaries with American Singer canary breeders.

American Singer Canary Ring Page 1 review(s)
Webpage for the American Singer Canary WebRing.

Bird Breeder Sites & Bird Classifieds. 2 review(s)
Bird breeders, bird classifieds, bird dealers, bird clubs, bird owners & bird products.

American Singer Canaries 1 review(s)
Breeder and exhibitor of American Singer canaries located in SE Michigan.

The Practical Canary Handbook 1 review(s)
Website for The Practical Canary Handbook - Breeding and Keeping Canaries.

DRAGON, Chapter 22 of the American Singer Canary Club 1 review(s)
Website of the Michigan-based chapter of the American Singers Club, a specialty club dedicated to the American Singer canary fancy.

Lady Gouldian Finch Canada 1 review(s)
This website is dedicated to the the care, preservation, and responsible breeding of all erythrura ( parrot finches) and Australian Finches. Champion Breeders and Exhibitors of Gouldians and Parrot Finches (Red headed, Blue faced, tri-colour,pintail). We pride ourselves in bringing you the best cared for well acclimated birds around.

Najah's Canaries 1 review(s)
Quality Song Canary Breeder In Phoenix, AZ

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song haven canaries
wonderful little song birds to fill your home with joy! pictures and information.

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Exotic Bird International Advertising & Search 1 review(s)
This new site provides internet web-site links to facilitate the search for both handfed pet birds and breeder-quality exotic birds, as well as offering focal informational and advertising opportunities for bird breeders and bird-lovers worldwide.


Forest Park Aviaries 1 review(s)
Ohio-located breeder of handfed pet-quality exotic birds, including various Conures, Pacific Parrotlets and their Mutations, Senegal Parrots, Visual Normal Green Green-cheeked Conures and their Mutations, Quaker Parrots and their Blue mutations, etc.

Sassicat Aviary 1 review(s)
Breeder of African Red-Bellied Parrots Custom Cage/carrier Covers, Custom Play Gyms, Toys, Gifts, and Treats

Talking 'bout Birds 1 review(s)
A highly informative site, dedicated to small hookbills, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Bourke parakeets, Rosellas, Budgies, Red Rump Parakeets.

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