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Button Collectors

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Button CollectorsWelcome to Button Collectors!


Buttons are wonderful little works of art that come in all sizes, shapes, and descriptions. This ring is for those who appreciate the beauty of buttons and the fun of collecting them, and for all topics associated with collecting sewing buttons.

For example: Button Collecting and Vintage Buttons - Button Collectors for Vintage Buttons and more, Identification and Values of Antique Buttons, Information about the Button and Guides to collecting.

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Button Collecting and Vintage Buttons
Button Collectors for Vintage Buttons and more, Identification and Values of Antique Buttons, Information about the Button and Guides to collecting.

Brenda's Button Boutique 1 review(s)
You are cordially invited to browse a growing selection of buttons from a collection spanning three generations.

Buckeye State Button Society
Since 1947, our Society has endeavored to promote interest in the study of buttons.

Buttons+in+Time 1 review(s)
A source for buying collectable vintage and antique clothing buttons.

Allies Adornments Antique Button Jewelry
Unique jewelry made with antique and vintage buttons.

British Tramway Buttons
A site dedicated to tramway company uniform buttons of the British Isles.

Transit Uniform Buttons California 1 review(s)
Come visit an informational web page showing various California rail transportation uniform buttons mostly from the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas.

The Button Jar 2 review(s)
Here is your link to my button shop! You will find an assortment of beautiful antique and vintage buttons from my collection.

Plique-a-Jour Enamel Buttons
An informational site showing some beautiful plique-a-jour enamels.

Italian Buttons '50s & '60s 1 review(s)
A site that contains the most beautiful Italian buttons of '50s and '60s introduced by material.

Welcome to GB Buttons, the place for finding vintage buttons, antique buttons and collectible clothing buttons.

Button Gal's Treasures
Collectible and vintage buttons for sale! Several categories - and a bargain poke box page.

The Queen's Button Drawer
Buttons to show and sell.

Acoleye Antiques and Collectibles 1 review(s)
Being a buttoncollector I am selling vintage and antique buttons off all materials, glass, black glass, metal, bakelite, casein, celluloid, wood, plastic, enamel, etc.

Buttons and Notions 2 review(s)
I hope you will enjoy your visit to my website.

CC's Buttons
Please stop by CC's Buttons, an easy to navigate site offering antique, vintage and collectible buttons of many materials, including uniform buttons, studio artist buttons and no-harm button jewelry.

Crazypieces at Large 1 review(s)
Crazypieces at Large.

The Button Cottage 1 review(s)
The Button Cottage specializes in sales and acquisitions of Battersea Buttons.

Marie Paule's buttons 2 review(s)
Personal collection of buttons.

Lucite/Acrylic Button Information
Please visit my information page showing great "Lucite" Acrylic Plastic Buttons gathered by some of the country's most avid collectors!

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once upon a button
once upon a button is an appreciation of the art of antique picture buttons and buttons through time, featuring victorian, edwardian, and art nouveau buttons, c1880s through 1920s.

collectible antique, vintage, and modern sewing buttons are sold on this site.

bygone buttons boutique - home

easy to accesss and versitle

looking for buttons
finding buttons with a detector

vintage buttons and crafts
photos i've taken of my vintage button finds and the stories behind them.

b.faure designs

button collecting

beautiful button box finds made into jewelry or available individually to collectors and designers.

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Florilegium Antiques and Needleart 1 review(s)
We are a shop specializing in antique buttons, laces, trims, embroideries, needlework, handmade and handpainted goods of all sorts.

jewelryfindings-online .com 1 review(s)
Specializing in antique buttons, cameos and brass stampings for collectors, Dealers and crafters.

How to Identify Your Fire Brigade & Fire Service Button
The hobby of collecting buttons is great fun and can be a real time consuming activity, where this book comes into its own is the detail with which the buttons are described and photographed, as the buttons are all chrome, the pictures are in black and white which provides much more detail.

BigRiverButtons.com 1 review(s)
I sell vintage and collectible buttons; and also buttons from Blumenthal Lansing Button Company and JHB International.

Dana's Button Gallery 1 review(s)
Welcome to Dana's Button Gallery! I love buttons! My love for quilting and other crafts has led me to creating one of a kind button designs out of polymer clay.

Antique Button Collecting
Antique Button Collecting is a resource site for vintage button collectors.

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