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PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect)

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PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect)For anyone & everyone who believes in PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect)!
For example: Harps Upon the Willows - Sharing inspirational poetry, poetic stories, and articles on lots of topics ... life, love, devotion, and family; patriotism and troop support; poetry for quilters, writers, and more; Alzheimer, aging, divorce, benevolence, death, and grief support; Christian holidays; love of church, family, babies, and children; wisdom, end times, and call to service; friends, prayer, and relationships; finding God in nature ... original sheet music, karaoke, greetings, and the list keeps going!

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Harps Upon the Willows
Sharing inspirational poetry, poetic stories, and articles on lots of topics .

J_love's Rave site
A site bout what made me join the scene, Lotsa info about the scene, Fun stuff, Just check it and see you wont know till ya try it.

Simply Playful
Simply Playful Lingerie & T-Shirts.

A P.L.U.R.fect World
A happy little site dedicated to the lifestyle I have chosen.

Kandy Raver Princess
lots of stuff for all da kandi kids, ravers, and stuff about meh, it's all about da plur kiddies

Rainglow is a shop selling Kandy Kid clothing and gear at great prices.

Candy Dreams-The way it used to be 1 review(s)
Hey there! Well this site is dedicated to all the old skoolerz and candy kids.

Glitter Ravestar Gurl 1 review(s)
A site about me!

GLittEr DuSt
This is raver themed site filled with many animated gifs, raver cartoon dolls, free email, Care Bears, My little pony, Rainbow Brite, and all that cool stuff.

Kandie Kiddies
A page dedicated to kandy kidz.

KK: Kandy Kids
One day a kandy kid got bored, and this site was the result! I'm a kandy kid.

Colin's Page of PLUR
My Page about PLUR, Kandy Kidz and the Prince George Rave scene!!!

Troc Pin's
This site provides to collectors pins for trade and links to international websites.

The Journey of our Lives
Our Danish-American homepage and journal of our everyday activities, our travels, living fulltime in a Fifth Wheel RV in the mountains of Southern California, boondocking and day camping, about our aspirations to professional vagabondery, and about what I think of it all.

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PLUR and what it means to me
PLUR and what it means to me, as well as links to various other rave sites.

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