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Feathers-N-BeaksBird owners love to talk about their pets. They also love findiing new foods, toys, and other supplies for their birds. Whatever your interest in birds, there is something in this webring for you.


For example: Birds-A-Flight - Birds-A-Flight is an online community dedicated to educating small pet bird owners. Bird care info, breed-specific pages, message board, photo gallery, links and more! Updated frequently, a great place for new AND experienced bird owners!

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Birds-A-Flight is an online community dedicated to educating small pet bird owners.

Stanley & Kiwi's Cockatiel Place
A site of my cockatiels.

Beak and Claw Avian and Exotic Vet and Online Store
Beak and Claw is a Veterinary service based in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand that specialises in Avian, Exotic and Small Animal Medicine. In addition to offering the most advanced Avian and Exotic care in Hawke's Bay, we offer mobile vet service (house calls) for small animals and an online ordering system for avian supplies, pet food and flea treatment products.

Fluffy Feathers
a website designed by 8 very clever/spoilt parrots !! A MUST SEE for all parrot lovers :)

A Visit to the Free Flight Aviary, Del Mar, California
Join us for a visit to the Free Flight Aviary in Del Mar.

The Practical Canary Handbook
Website for The Practical Canary Handbook - Breeding and Keeping Canaries.

Cockatiel.com Awesome Cockatiel Photos

Judy and Jerry's Place Birdie Rooms
Living with parrots past and present.

Hello, Baby! Great Parrot Photos & More!!
We have wonderful photos of our Moluccan Cockatoo, Greenwing Macaw and other neat birds.

Flip the Bird Aviary
we sell hand-tame peachfaced, masked, and fischer's lovebirds, and quaker parrots

Lady Gouldian Finch Canada
This website is dedicated to the the care, preservation, and responsible breeding of all erythrura ( parrot finches) and Australian Finches.

DRAGON, Chapter 22 of the American Singer Canary Club
Website of the Michigan-based chapter of the American Singers Club, a specialty club dedicated to the American Singer canary fancy.

American Singer Canaries
Website dedicated to connecting people interested in buying quality American Singer canaries with American Singer canary breeders.

American Singer Canaries
Breeder and exhibitor of American Singer canaries located in SE Michigan.

All about parrots
Information about purchasing a parrot and parrot care.

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feather talk
feather talk is the best parrot forum in the world! clean, sleek, and colorful design with amazing features.

song haven canaries
all about canaries and more!

parrot cages, training & supplies
parrot cages, training, teach your parrot to talk, parrot supplies, perches, videos, dvd's breeding, diet, food and more, african grey parrot. macaw, senegal, amazon parrots, cockatoos.

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Exotic Bird International Advertising & Search
This new site provides internet web-site links to facilitate the search for both handfed pet birds and breeder-quality exotic birds, as well as offering focal informational and advertising opportunities for bird breeders and bird-lovers worldwide.

Cockatiels International Homepage
Affiliated with www.

Exotic Bird & Wildlife Leg-Banding and Identification
Affiliated with Forest Park Aviaries in Ohio, USA, and the Bird Breeders International web-site, this new site provides a focal information source and internet-linking site for all exotic bird breeders, wildlife conservancy authorities & enthusiasts, as well as bird-loving folks worldwide.

Sassicat Aviary
Breeder of African Red-Bellied Parrots Custom Cage/carrier Covers, Custom Play Gyms, Toys, Gifts, and Treats

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