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German Shepherd Dog Ring

Topic: Breeds > German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog RingFind here German Shepherd (Alsatian) breeders, exhibitors, handlers, owners, owned, lovers, loved and enthusiasts, plus suppliers for and rescuers of.  Mixes of Shepherd and something else may also be honored here.  We like long hair, short hair, of any ancestry, of any color or color mix.  We like pets and working dogs, police dogs and baby's best friend, dogs trained or being trained for showing, herding, obedience, schutzhund, ring sport, agility, tracking and more; dogs who sniff outs drugs or bodies; doggies whose main exercise is fetching frisbees, or even beautiful couch potatoes

For example: Lionheart -- King's Dilemma - Another story about my childhood German Shepherd, King.

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Lionheart -- King's Dilemma
Another story about my childhood German Shepherd, King.

My personal pages about my childhood German Shepherds, Big King and War King, and other matters meaningful to me.

Lionheart -- Loving King
A story about my childhood dog, King.

A Tribute to Max
This site is dedicated to my German shepherd "Miracle Max.

Lionheart -- An Ordinary Adventure
A story, written by my fiancée, about the adventures of my childhood German Shepherd, King.

www.CollectorsAddition.com - German Shepherds! 1 review(s)
We Ship WORLDWIDE! Your Source for Unique Animal Collectibles & Gifts from All Over the World! From Aardvarks to Hippos to Zebras and everything in between! Almost Every Breed of Dog and Many Cat Breeds! (as well as many Non-Animal items Like Joan Baker and AMIA Glass Panels!)

Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club
The Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club was formed in 1971.

Sahiela German Shepherd Dogs
Sahiela German Shepherd Dogs Color Genetics Research and Information Site!

Kiokee German Shepherds of Georgia
Kiokee Working German Shepherds - Dogs Title in all working areas - German and AKC titles

Welcome to Noroda German Shepherds
Breeding German Shepherds since 1969 for show, obedience, movies, guide dogs for the blind, search & rescue and avalanche rescue.

Castlebrook Shepherds
We are a small hobby kennel with the highest of standards! Puppies once a year out of West German VA lines.

My GSDs Dog Sports
Originally Tasha's Dog Sports, this site is about Tasha an 8 year old GSD and Killian a 4 year old GSD.

TopGSD - German Shepherd Importing and Training
Quality not Quantity - that's our aim! We help to import GSD directly from Germany at reasonable prices and can help with training for SchH too

Whillie dwarf german shepherd dog information
Whilie, is a dwarf German Shepherd dog Dwarfism is usually caused by genetic disorders, Dwarfism can happen in the german shepherd breed, breeders don`t intentionally try to breed dwarfs.

Northwest Shepherd News
The Official Newsletter of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Washington State, Inc.

Nohaus German Shepherds
At Nohaus Shepherds, our German Shepherd dogs are bred for obedience, confirmation, intelligence and agility BUT, more importantly, for love and loyalty. Joan Gray, owner of Nohaus Shepherds, is a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (G.

Black Knight Kennels
We are breeders of the ever popular German Shepherd Dog.

Advanced Canines of Svetdanhaus
German Shepherd puppies & adults and Doberman Pinscher puppies & adults for sale.

German Shepherd Resources
The ultimate GSD Directory linking over 1000 GSD related websites from around the world.

druann german shepherd puppies nsw australia 2 review(s)
We are a small selective kennel located near Windsor in NSW,

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mordor german shepherds - premiere german shepherd dogs
a premiere german shepherd dog kennel based in new mexico

goodshepherd kennels
we breed show dogs that love to work. we train for obedience, tracking, protection, and a real good family dog.

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Donka German Shepherds
We are a small hobby breeder with over 30 years experience with the German Shepherd Dog.

GSD club
In 1954, the club became incorporated and was the first GSD club in Washington State to be recognized by AKC.

Silver Creek German Shepherd Dogs
Old World German Shepherds.

Vom Randholz German Shepherd Dogs
Small hobby breeder located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts focusing on the total dog.

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