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The History Ring

Topic: Humanities > History
The History RingThis ring celebrates History, historical events, figures and fields. This Ring is designed to be seen by all ages. You must have detailed historical information, or links to sites which do, on your website in order to join the Ring. "Commercial" sites are not encouraged, and must have a considerable amount of detailed information on their site to qualify for membership. The address you list on your application MUST be the page where you will place the Ring's HTML code.

For example: John Harrison time clocks which measure distance - Learn Einstein Special and General Relativity mathematics cosmology physics history and philosophy using Macintosh (Mac) Relativity Calculator software

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John Harrison time clocks which measure distance
Learn Einstein Special and General Relativity mathematics cosmology physics history and philosophy using Macintosh (Mac) Relativity Calculator software

The Achievements and the Days
”The Achievements and the Days” is an essay about evolution, divided into 4 e-books; the first exposes evolution, the last three discuss human history.

New Haven Railroad Home Page
Of interest to the railroad manager, railfans, advocates of super railroads, railroad historians.

Great Democratic Speeches
Democratic Party Speech site.

Thomas Jefferson Quotes
Writer of the Declaration Of Independence, President of the USA, Founder, IN HIS OWN WORDS! Other than Jesus has any man said more to mankind? Come and see youself.

US Presidents
Washington to Bush.

The Erie and the DL&W were merged in 1960
The Erie Railroad and the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western were merged on October 17, 1960.

The Railroads of Pine Plains in New York State
The Central New England Railway (CNE) was a railroad across northern Connecticut and west across the Hudson River in New York.

Old Railroads of Connecticut
From 1844 to 1967, the New Haven RR was a force in New England.

New York Central Railroad Electric Shops at Harmon
1913 saw the completion of electrification from Grand Central to Croton-Harmon.

Railroad History New Haven RR and New England
Home to everything you ever wanted to know about railroad history of the New Haven Railroad and New England.

Bernarr Macfadden - Father of Physical Culture
The amazing life story of Bernarr Macfadden and his extraordinary accomplishments and vision in the fields of health, fitness, and journalism.

All About Highwaymen
A site established to present the REAL facts about those dashing brigands from our history.

Político mexicano, quien fue presidente de la República Mexicana en el periodo 1976-1982.

Huddersfield Passenger Transport Group
History of Huddersfield C.

William Guthrie - the Puritan's Puritan
The life and work of William Guthrie, Puritan and Scottish Divine, author of a great work, and ejected from his living, dying at 45.

Thr Histoty Index
THe History Index leads to many on site and unique history pages and to History Fan Clubs You Can Join.

This Schuylkill County historical site focuses on the O'Donnell House Massacre which occurred on December 10th, 1875 in the small village of Wiggans Patch, outside Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania.

A Chronology of the Political Parties in the World
This chronology contains the lists of the ruling parties of the countries in the world as well as the periods when they were in power.

Loretta A.

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gidsen fort 2 - home
pagina van de gidsenwerking van fort2 te wommelgem

la historia de tu familia de un arbol genealogico
diseño del arbol genealogico y busqueda de antepasados en todo el mundo.

history, culture, classic movies, old time radio, literature and more.

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Resources - Famous Women IMHO
Famous women in the history of the world are discussed including biographical information plus a few little secrets to spice things up.

Freiburgs Geschichte in Zitaten 1 review(s)
Seit dem Mittelalter hat die Nähe Frankreichs Freiburgs Geschichte geprägt.

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