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High Voltage - This ring is about anything dealing with high voltage electricity, such as Tesla Coils, electrostatic generators, Jacob'

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High Voltage

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
This ring is about anything dealing with high voltage electricity, such as Tesla Coils, electrostatic generators, Jacob's Ladders, Marx Generators, Van de Graaf Generators, ignition coil drivers, flyback drivers, and more!

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   Van de Graaff Generator Plans Preview Go
Easy plans, full size templates to construct an exclusive Van de Graaff Electrostatic Generator: no need for batteries or main electricity.
   Welcome to Tesla-Coil.com/.org Preview Go
Bi-Polar TC with Argon Chamber of Death, Twin Parallel Magnifier, 1/4 Wave TC, SSTC, Concentric Spheres, Jacobs Ladder, Ice Spike Experiments, Sartorius The Great Robotic Head, TC Research Material, sub-web with lots of, well, find it and see for yourself, and much more......
   Andy's (Le Magicien) High Voltage Page Preview Go
High voltage generators. Capacitive discharge, Flyback transformer, Advanced types

   www.teslacoil.it Preview Go
Sito italiano dedicato all' alta tensione amatoriale, contiene numerose descrizioni e foto di apparati autocostruiti che spaziano dai tesla spinterometrici, valvolari, solid state, innalzatori di tensione risonanti e non, esperimenti con scarica impulsiva, LASER, raggiX e molto altro ancora.........
   SCIENCE HOBBYIST 'Static' Electricity Projects Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Safe high voltage projects for students, education articles for instructors, and collected links to similar sites
   Jochen's High Voltage Page Preview Go
home-brew high voltage sources up to and above 100kV, experiments including sparks, gas discharge and x-ray production.
   Barlow Research Laboratory Preview Go
Barlow Research Laboratory: dedication to Backyard Science
   Bill's Science and Technology Project site Preview Go
This page descrbes some of my projects and thoughts on electromagnetism, electronics, tesla coils and coilguns. My latest project is my HF PLL auto tuning CW tesla coil with audio modulation. I think here is a nice mix of the practical and theoretical that should satisfy those with a craving for mathematics as well as those who indulge in "soldering-iron therapy."
   High voltage generators Preview Go
Homemade high voltage generators
   Wimshurst Machine Preview Go
Description on building and operation of a Wimshurst machine.

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