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LegendThe Legendary Steampunk webring exists to promote websites devoted to Steampunk TV & Film universes, especially the UPN series Legend starring John de Lancie and Richard Dean Anderson, and the Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. All Steampunkers are welcome!!!
For example: Tom Cruise in Legend @ Flarez Realm - This particulare site explores Tom Cruise in film.

see Legend sites at WebRing
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Tom Cruise in Legend @ Flarez Realm
This particulare site explores Tom Cruise in film.

Legend - the 1985 film 1 review(s)
This webpage contains basic information, pictures, summary, and complete cast information etc.

Steampunk Central
Steampunk Central examines the steampunk elements from popular science fiction and fantasy TV shows and Films - especially Legend.

The 'Victorian Valkyries' Homepage
Homepage for 'societies' from the SFC B-Board for the series, "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne".

Fell from Grace Emporium and Imaginarium
Visit the IMAGINARIUM for free downloadable steampunk themed clipart to use anywhere.

Of Clockwork And Corsetry
Steampunk crafts, sewing, knitting and tinkering.

Mateen's 3D graphics Site
Website containing a large selection of Mateen's 3D Graphics work including such genres as Steampunk, Space 1889, Gerry Anderson, Star Trek, etc.

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Stumptown Trade Review
A collection of numerous comic stories, information and history.

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