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Mazda Rotary

Topic: Makes and Models > Mazda
Mazda RotaryMazda rotary Powered Vehicles (of all types, including Rx-7 & Rx-8). Individual Mazda owner's sites with links to technical papers on rotary engine design and theory, as well as to Mazda replacement parts and accessory sites. The main criteria for membership of this community is that sites focus on Mazda and rotary engines.

The photo is by Taisyo.

For example: Mazda RX-7 Links and FAQs - Much technical information about maintaining and modding the 2nd Gen RX-7. Includes links to other Rotary sites for all RX-7 generations
see Mazda Rotary sites at WebRing
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Previewing: Craig's Rotary Page - 4 rotors, 700hp 13B & much more!
Some of the hardest to get rotary info on the net.. 4 rotor engines, a 700hp 13B RX7 street car, Russian rotarys, 20Bs and more
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User Review(s) and Comment(s)
Rating: great by on 11/15/2007
it is a very informative site
Rating: great by on 01/12/2008
Rating: great by on 01/20/2008
ive been a hard core Rotary fan for 10 yrs now.. This site shows all the non believers what rotary engines are all about. proud owner of a 72 rx2 13b twin turbo...........
Rating: great by on 01/21/2009
Rating: great by on 03/22/2009
Rating: great by on 07/16/2009
Rating: great by on 04/18/2010

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