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Abyssinian Cats Ring

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Abyssinian Cats Ring 

This is the original Abyssinian cats Ring, with all you need to know about this beautiful, loveable and intelligent cat.
That's the ring manager's Abyssinian, Sushi.


For example: Edward, the Tawny Abyssinian - This site is dedicated to a very special companion cat, Edward. Edward is a tawny Abyssinian who was born on 20th February 1998. His pedigree name is Aureate Tendulkar. This is his story.

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Edward, the Tawny Abyssinian
This site is dedicated to a very special companion cat, Edward.

Syper Aby - Abyssinian Cattery
"SUPER-ABY" specializes ONLY in the breeding of Abyssinian cats.

Chatterie Arkania Cattery
Élevage d'abyssins en milieu familial.

Bastis Abyssinians
Located in Northern California, we breed Ruddy and Red Abyssinians.

Ruddicat Abyssinians
Ruddicat Abyssinians is a cattery that breeds Abyssinian cats and kittens and is based in Vancouver, Canada.

David Moore - Abyssinian Cats
Abyssinian Cats.

Suddenly Sushi
The daily life of an Extraordinary Abyssinian.

OhMy Abyssinians CFA and TICA
We have been breeding Abyssinians for seventeen years in Oklahoma, USA. We have recently added lines to improve and expand our breeding to match our goals of healthy, loving, beautiful cats.

The Way Of The Ab
Abyssinian Cats Write Self-Help Book

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abyssinian breed traits
the abyssinian has short “ticked” fur that glistens in the sunlight with alternating light and dark bands of color on each hair shaft.

abyssinian personality & temperament
abyssinian cats are very friendly, social, affectionate, very people orientated, loving and loyal towards their owners.

abyssinian history
there is much controversy over the origins of this breed.

abyssinian care & health
caring for an abyssinian is fairly easy.

kittsies.com abyssinian photo gallery
at kittsies.

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The Sofa
The Sofa is occupied by two Somalis and a female abyssinian cat.

The Aby Zone
A small cattery of abyssinian cats from Poland (FIFe member).

Blue River Abyssinians - Atlanta, GA USA
Beautiful Abyssinian's! Specializing in rare colors.

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