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The Lesbian Connection

Topic: Relationships > Lesbian
The Lesbian ConnectionThis will be a ring where all lesbians are welcome to come and enjoy the wonderful experience of other lesbians and thier imaginations, intelligence and diversities. All are welcome to join and to become a part of the lesbian connection.


For example: The Lesbian Email List With a Brain Cell - AZSCAMP - The only lesbian e-mail list with an active brain cell. Bringing together Arizona lesbians for social interaction and intelligent discussion.

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The Lesbian Email List With a Brain Cell
AZSCAMP - The only lesbian e-mail list with an active brain cell.

Celtic Heart's Lesbian & Bi-Sexual Erotic Fiction
Welcome to my library of lesbian and bi-sexual erotic fiction.

The Lesbian Connection 1 review(s)
An open forum for people who are either currently living an "alternative lifestyle" or would like information about doing so.

Wolfvee's Cave
A site to host my stories and a recomandation of other wonderful reads.

Astrid's Homepage and Lesbian Links
My personal homepage with lesbian links

Work of Lesbian Author, "Ocean".

Matters of the Heart
Poetry and journal entries that will take you on your own journey of self-discovery.

Share the diversity.

Lesbian and Bisexual Women Coming Out Support Package
If you are in the process of coming out as a lesbian or a bisexual woman, no matter what age you are, then our Coming Out Support Package may be the answer to all of your questions.

Truth And Love After 40 1 review(s)
A blog for women realizing later in life (but never too late) that they love women but got caught up in living the life that was "socially acceptable".

Shona's Little Corner Of The Web
My name is Shona Fraser, I'm 32 and I'm a dentist from Northern Ireland.

Girls Bring Drama
As lesbians who have spent most of our lives searching for that one true soul mate.

jlhemt's look at Life &Emergency Medical Services
A dual page, one section is personal stuff including coming out, current lofe and hobbies, the other is information about Emergency Medical Services from one EMT's perspective.

Welcome to Amanda's World
an average lesbian youth.

the goat gals website
its just about me

Welcome to #Lezlaff Homepage
This is the official site of the IRC channel #Lezlaff.

Proud Lesbians
A site about me, my family, Portland, Or.

Barefoot and Free....
At a glance: Chris, Female, INTP, Single, Cynical, White, Atheist, 39, Strong, Petite, Astute, Reclusive, Homogamous, Barefoot, Lesbian, Insomniac, Tired, Out, Aquarius, Broke, Mad, Childish, on a List, and needing to get laid.

The Great Fiction Escape
Novels by published lesbian romance author Kimberly LaFontaine.

Welcome To My World
This is a site all about me and the things that go on in my life.

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ontario business mentorship
join teawna pinard and women coaching and leading legendary lives community in canada.

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This is a site for lesbians created by a 'lifelong' lesbian.

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