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Truth in the Middle East

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Truth in the Middle EastThis ring includes sites that explain the truth in events occurring today Israel and the Palestinian territories. Arab media often distorts events and uses propaganda to intensify hate for Jews and Israel.
For example: The Dukes of Edom: Fate of the Palestinians - According to the Word of God the time is near when the evil enemies of God's chosen people, Israel, will "lift their head" and conspire together with the intentions of "making Israel a nation no more." Joining the Palestinians in this series of wars will be the modern day nations of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Iran and other primarily Islamic nations. It seems highly probable, in light of scripture, that it will ignite a Holy war leading to the prophesied ruin of Damascus, nuclear destruction on Iraq, devastating destruction in areas of Israel and Jordan and the consumation of the Gaza strip which is ancient Philistia.

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The Dukes of Edom: Fate of the Palestinians
According to the Word of God the time is near when the evil enemies of God's chosen people, Israel, will "lift their head" and conspire together with the intentions of "making Israel a nation no more.

Who is LIABLE for Palestinian Children DEATH?
Every year about 25,000 Palestinian kids are sent to paramilitary summer camps, where they learn fun stuff like how to kill Jews.

No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right!
A blog for those who take Reality serious!

Defense of the Israeli People
This is a website that aims to expose the nasty philosophy of Palestinianism, a globalized anti-Semitic ideology that denies or falsifies the Jewish people’s historical, legal and biblical ties to the land of Israel.

Online Jihad 1 review(s)
This blog is dedicated to exposing Islamist (especially Palestinian) propaganda by translating and presenting material which is otherwise concealed from Western public opinion.

IZKOR - Arab Terror Victims Memorial
IZKOR - Arab Terror Victims Memorial

Llano Estacado
Politics from the right side.

True Kabbalah.org Israel page
We have flash anim.

Salience Voices
Stop Media Bias against Israel in Europe

Israel-Arab conflict FAQ 2 review(s)
A simple Question and Answer site with detailed research to answer the same questions that get asked by anti-Israeli PR people

Arab terrorism & the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 1 review(s)
Site provides: Information, history, FAQ, articles, pictures, movies, and links relating to Islamic fundamentalist terrorism in Israel and elsewhere, and to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Complete list of terror victims in Israel since Oslo (1993); Documents with translations showing the Palestinian Authority’s direct links to terrorism; Evidence of Palestinian non

Omdurman: defending Western Civilization 4 review(s)
Electronic Intifada, meet the electronic Omdurman! The site is named for the battle in which the followers of the militant "Islamic" Mahdi, Mohammed Achmed, were defeated in 1898.

Hatshepsut 1 review(s)
A weblog of a pro-Israel Scandinavian

La Pagina de Patricio Brodsky
Este sitio es el de la página personal del sociólogo argentino Patricio Brodsky allí podrán encontrar artículos en defensa de Israel y contra el antisemitismo y la judeofobia

"Occupied Territories".

Dim'a - A Tear 4 Every Victim
This site is dedicated to the many Israeli victims of this useless war.

Israel Information and Discussion Center
Law student writes commentaries about news and other issues affecting Israel.

The blog looks at events in the Jewish world and in Israel.

Israel 5763

What is Palestinian Arabs' strategic goal?
The PLO Charter (1968) - that has never been revoked or amended - calls for the destruction of Israel.

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contrapalestine is the online presence of The European Project to Combat Palestinianism, a newly-established network comprising academics, politicians, journalists and writers from around Europe. contrapalestine and The European Project to Combat Palestinianism aim to expose the political fraud that is Palestinianism and to defend the rights of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

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